You have the desire to move forward. Get rid of stress and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. You want to be able to look at the situation from a perspective, clarify your next steps, and move effectively towards your goal with motivation and confidence. You are looking for an experienced partner to help you do just that. Am I talking about you? If so, get in touch. We will be a great match.
What has coaching taught me?

and might teach you too...

We do not have to run away from problems, be stressed and to do what is considered as "normal". Coaching gave me tools not only to solve problems, but to think differently. It has shown me my strengths and made me realize what I really want and how to achieve it. It is an effective method to overcome fears and limiting believes. Coaching made me realize that to ask for help is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength. I realized that I don't have to be alone when making a change. Most importantly it has changed the way I see things. I have gained more confidence to face challenges with ease and courage. To dream big, to become every day better version of myself and to make my dreams come true. And now I love to pass it forward...

I can help you with

(topics which my clients contact me with the most:)

Mindset coaching
Topics: self-confidence, going through changes, finding a meaning, communication, stress management, finding my strengths, finding vision, personal growth, limiting believes.
Career coaching

Topics: leadership, change of a career path, moving up the career leader, professional fulfillment, stress management, time management, presentation, communication, assertiveness, conflict resolution

Business coaching

Topics: starting a business, changing from employee to freelancing of running own company, growing a business, stress management, people management, leadership, effectiveness, work/life balance

I will help you to get from where you are, to where you want to be.

Choose from the coaching options and let your transformation begin. You do not have to be alone. With my help, you will get to your goals faster. You will love the progress. It does not matter if you prefer online meetings, in-person or even a combination. You can coach with me in Prague 6, Dejvice where I have my coaching office or we can meet online via Google Meet.

1 coaching session 90 min.

This is the right choice, if you want to:

Try coaching

Figure out what you really want

Get clarity on where to start

Fire up your motivation

Set you up for a great start


Cooperation time: 1 x 90 min. (in person Prague 6 Dejvice or online)

Price: 4 500 CZK



If you need to pay in a different currency than CZK or you need to have an invoice with a foreign address, please contact me.

Clarity package (6 x 90 min.)

This is the right choice, if you want to:

Get clarity on your goal / vision

See the situation from a perspective

Go through all your options

Figure out the concrete steps

Have a partner every step of your way

Cooperation time: 2-4 months (in person Prague 6 Dejvice or online)

This is the most popular choice.

Price: 22 500 CZK


Growth package (12 x 90 min.)

This is the right choice, if you want to:

Use an effective tool for self development

Solve or improve several situation/areas in your life/career/business

Restart yourself and your mindset

Fulfill your potential and become your best version

Have a partner every step of your way

Cooperation time: 4-10 months (in person Prague 6 Dejvice or online)

Price: 45 000 CZK


What do my clients say?

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Ivana Janevska

Daniela is a dream coach. She is very experienced in her field, and posses required approach that every coachee would appreciate. Her attitude is so natural and human, that makes you feel like you are talking with a friend you know for ages. The abilities of asking the right question that will lead you to an answer, are extraordinary that at one moment you get all the clarity you've been searching for a long time. She helped me decide what I want and where I would like to develop my career. I recommend Daniela as a coach with all my heart, as I believe she could make everybody's experience working with her, the best choice in life!

Martin Belan

I've had an hour long coaching session with Daniela, although fairly short it did have an impact on my thinking patterns. I believe her strength is in the way to bring out the answers for problems that lay within you. I would definitely recommend Daniela as a coach, should I've got another opportunity I would explore it in more thorough way. Thank you for the chance to tap into it.

Maria Camila Ordonez Morales

It was a great pleasure to work with Daniela. All went smoothly and easy. I needed to feel I am right in regards of my career change. It was inspiring to hear about her story and I felt we understood each other naturally. I also needed to feel that I have support and be able to create more concrete plan for myself. I needed to be sure about my strengths and values. It was lovely experience, thank you!

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